Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A 6-year-old view on popularity

My mom and my sister, Karis, went shopping after school yesterday to look for an Easter dress and a few things for spring. This is Karis' favorite outfit that she got:

After looking at it, her and I proceeded with the following conversation:

Karis: I love this shirt!
Cayley: Yea, I like it too!
K: Now people at school will make me popular.
C: What?
K: If I wear cute clothes then my friends will like me and make me popular.
C: Um, okay? And you weren't before?
K: (makes a crazy face) Does it look like I'd be popular?
C: (laughing uncontrollably) Uh, I guess not!

Just a little note, Karis goes to a private school. They wear uniforms. Hahaha, it was hilarious. I love my sister :)

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deneise said...

i miss you guys...tell everyone hello!!